Hello there, thank you for stopping by! My name is Tracy Townsend and I grew up in South Florida. I studied Elementary Education at Clearwater Christian and Florida Atlantic University. My husband and I recently moved back home to Florida, after living in the Carolinas for 7 years. We have 3 fur babies: Bazooka, Foxy Roxy & Sabrina who are just like our kids. In my free time, I love hitting the beach, hanging out at local restaurants, painting ceramics, decorating our home and spending time with Friends & Family. I have always enjoyed photography and finally decided to take a leap and start doing something I love! I shoot with Cannon Cameras and Cannon Prime Lenses. If you have any questions, would like to set up a consultation to chat via Skype, phone or in person and have coffee (in my case a Coke), drop me line in the Contact Us section! Hope to hear from you

                                     A Little About Me 

My husband and I met about 13 years ago this coming Valentine's Day and have been married 7 years. He has always encouraged me to go after my dreams, which is photography for me! We like hanging out at the beach, watching good movies on Netfix, and exploring when we can. Living in the Carolinas for about 7 years, we went hiking to Waterfalls and to the mountains a lot! 

My husband. My rock. My biggest supporter and number one fan. You made me believe in true love.

My parents have always been supportive in whatever I have chosen to persue and  been there for me helping guide me along life's way. I could not have asked God for better parents and parents! 

                                                My Parents

What is life without friends? I am fortunate to have a group of friends that are family.  

                                       My Friends

Photography is my outlet to be able to express my creative side. Whether photographing a wedding, family photos or taking a photo of a beautiful sunset on the beach, I love that photos always remain like a frozen moment in time. and I am able to look back on them even after years have gone by.  

The moments that are long gone, still remain, forever captured and forever frozen in time.

All that I am or will ever be. Strength and faith will always carry me through.

A pets love is unconditional, even when we are not at our best.They are always happy to see us, whether we are gone 5 minutes or 5 hours.  Our dogs help make our life complete. We have 3 dogs: Bazooka, Foxy Roxy and Sabrina.

                      Bazooka, Foxy Roxy and Sabrina

A wedding is a day you dream about from the time you were a little girl! We've been married 7 years. Our first date was on Valentine's Day 13 years come this February. At times, it seems like just yesterday that we were planning our wedding with family & friends. I love looking back at our photos from that day, to help remember our day and things we might have missed!

Taking the next step toward an amazing future together. The best day.

From the intricate details and lace on your dress, your beautiful new engagement ring, your grandmother's necklace that she gave you to wear on your big day, the beautiful bouquets, the handmade favors you and your friends put hours into making and planning. These are all cherished items/memories to be captured.

The soft drape of the lace bodice. The glistening of a newly acquired diamond ring.