How many hours of wedding photography do I need to have beautiful wedding photos? 4,6,8 or10 hours?

First of all, Congratulations on your engagement! It is an exciting time, getting engaged, planning your wedding day and thinking of your future with your spouse. When you start planning your wedding, so many questions start to pop up. How many hours will I need my wedding photographer for is one of the questions. Another popular question is will I need a second shooter photographer for some or all of my wedding day?

Six to eight hours is the common number of hours that most couples book. The overall determining factor of how many hours of wedding photography you will need, depends on the size or your wedding day and how much of the day you want captured. Do you want to have getting ready photos, a First Look, Ceremony, Portraits and the entire reception covered?

4 hours

3 hours if perfect, if you are one of the many couples deciding to elope or planning on having a micro wedding this year, you would want to book your photographer for 4 hours. This will cover the highlights of your wedding day. If you want to cover the ceremony, portraits and some of your reception, then this would be the perfect fit.

6 hours

6 hours is the ideal number of hours for intimate weddings with less than 50 guest. Six hours will give you enough time to capture important moments such a portion of getting ready, ceremony, family & bridal party photos, first dances, and cutting the cake. This will not allow for a lot of time for detail and decor shots or many photos at the end of the night.

8 hours

8 hours is generally the amount of hours that most couples book their wedding photographer for. 8 hours provides enough time for all the moments for all the key moments mentioned above, plus additional time for photos of your bridal party and photos of guest at your reception. You will also need at least hour hours if your ceremony and venue are at two separate locations for travel time.

10 hours

10 hours is perfect, if you do not like being rushed and want enough time for all the shots you have envisioned. This leaves more than enough time for detail and prep shots, First Looks (dad and future spouse), fun photo booths and grand exit shots.

It is very rare that couples need more than 10 hours of wedding photography on their wedding day. Always have a consultation with your photographer and discuss the events you want to have covered, to determine the perfect amount of time for you wedding day. Some parts of the wedding you may not want covered, while it is very important to other couples. There is no right answer for everyone.

Things to consider when deciding if you need a second photographer for your wedding day. Think of a second photographer as a second set of eyes. Your wedding photographer will not be able to capture moments from every angle, all at the same time.. The second photographer will be getting a different point of view than the main photographer. During your ceremony, the second photographer may be focused of guest’s reactions, as the main photographer is is focused on you getting married. There are many moments happening on your wedding day that you may not even realize that is happening, as you are so swept up in the day.

When you look at your photos you will see many photos that you may not have expected. You definitely want to look back on your wedding photos and for them to tell a story of your wedding day reliving the events for years and generations to come!

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